When it comes to Best Wedding Photographers in Lahore, 55 Shots Photography comes among the list. Welcome the Wedding Photography to the next level.

Out of all Best Wedding Photographers in Lahore, 55 Shots Wedding photography has entered the hearts of its customers. Struggling month by month, for over half a decade. Extravagant staging and romantic motifs characterize their unmistakable style. After concentrating and gaining success on photographic stills for 6 years, 55 Shots has also expertise in making moving film.

Capturing the right click of Bridal, actually Pakistani Bridal with the awesome traditional Pakistani Wedding dresses is just amazing. It’s our passion.

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We have the facility for indoor photo studio customized photoshoot, plus outdoor customized photoshoot as per the desire. Feel free to check the Bridal pics and wedding pics taken by 55 Shots Photography.

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Wedding Photography has got a changed trend in the last couple of years. Pakistan was still quite behind on technology in the 90’s & till 2010. But it took a huge turn since 2011 and wedding photographers came to know that they would need to attain quality and come up with a technology that would satisfy the clients.

Traditional weddings are more of a joy to cover in Pakistan. There are families out here who prefer female wedding photographers. We have worked hard in the last couple of years to make additions in our crew. So if someone talks about Female wedding photographers in Lahore, we would be there.

Dividing the coverage sections into correct orders and allocating the resources accordingly is our key to success. We have a team of game changers who specialize in just specific sections of wedding coverage. We have divided the sections as below

  1. Master Shots —-> Detailed Video Shots of the event activities, Bride & Groom.
  2. Candid Shots —-> Natural Moments recorded on video out of the audience plus couple. These lead to a great Cinematic Highlights plus the wedding songs of couple.
  3. Stage Stills —–> This section sticks to the stage to ensure that clicks have been taken to cover the activities related to the stage plus the Bride/Groom.
  4. Portrait Round —-> This one is sneaks out of the audience to pull the close family members and guests to ensure that portraits are covered.
  5. Drone Drive —-> Covering the event from height, bouncing in & out from a different angle.
  6. Signature Shoot —-> This is signature shoot of the Bride or the couple, done by AS himself. He has creativity of his own which we don’t reveal to everyone.